What can I do with DabMatz?

The possibilities are endless. Here are some of our customers favorite uses

  • Mat for your glass
  • Mat for your wrap
  • It’s a righteous rolling surface
  • In-car flat surface
  • +1 Reason why your glass is cooler 😉
  • Mousepad
  • Cupholder

You can do whatever it is that you please with your DabMat. If you have any other awesome ideas for ways to use your DabMat, drop us a line from our Contact page, we would be stoked to hear all about it!

My Mat is losing some of its color? What do I do now?

See our Returns page to see if you’re eligible for a return.

How do I clean by Mat?

Our mats are built to last. We made DabMatz easy to clean. Simply grab a normal kitchen sponge and some hot soap and water and lightly scrub your mat until clean, let your Mat air dry. If you notice any wear from cleaning your mat, check out our Returns page to see if you’re eligible for return.

How long does shipping take?

DabMatz ships same day after receiving your order. Shipping time varies during holidays.

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