7 Pack of Dabmatz - Throwback Cartoon Series

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Protect all your favorite glass with a 7-pack of RodgerJames Edition Collabmatz.

Courage the Dabbing Dog
Scooby Snacks
The Nugrats
Catdog and Company Sesh
Darkwing Dabs
Winnie’s Honey Party

Protect your favorite glass with Dabmatz!

RodgerJames Edition Dabmatz bringing back the early 2000’s classic shows for your sesh.

1/4 inch thick quality mats to protect your glass from hard surfaces and accidental drops.

This Set Includes: Flintstoned, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Scooby Snacks, Darkwing Duck,  CatDog and Company, Rugrats, and Winnie the Pooh