Pineapple Paradise - Mini Rig

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Take a sip! And enjoy a slice of pure paradise with this refreshing Pineapple Bong from EmpireGlass!

Whether you are on an exotic beach or at home, this piece will always impress.

Quick Features:

  • 14.5mm Female Banger Hanger
  • Fixed Three Hole Fruit Diffuser
  • Included 14.5mm Male; Clear Opal Bowl Piece


  • Pineapple Worked Sphere Body
  • Green and White Swirl Bent Neck Mouthpiece
  • 14.5mm Reinforced Female Banger Hanger
  • 14.5mm Male; Clear Opal Bowl Piece
Height: 5.25"  Base Diameter: 2.0"  Weight: 435 Grams

*Individually Handcrafted Art Piece - Limited Quantity and Availability